About Me



Tradition dictates I have an about me page. Personally, I hate writing these things. However, if you are one of the handful of people interested in knowing more about me then read on.

When I was a kid I would have liked to become an inventor and I used to build the most stupid inventions you could imagine. Then growing up I discover computer and many years of my life I was involved in spreading personal computer and Internet in Italy. Yes I was the first Italian internet provider. Now I have a little image company CuboImages that deals with travel photos.

When a close friend Alberto (I2KBD) show me first Geloso radio immediately I fall in love, a new world to discover. Life as usual is unpredictable so there was years where time and location let me grow in our hobby other where I forget what a key is. One period I remember with sadness when with a four antenna stack I run for satellite. I reach 98 DXCC country. In this years a groups of friends and I start building the Italian AMSAT satellite, I never can imagine that is up and running after 22 years.

From 2008 I finally, after my second marriage with a very nice broadminded woman and a grow up girl, I reach a nice house ideal for HamRadio. Only one problem a four floor building between two eight floor, what to do?. I succeed with very high difficulty to hire a piece of the eight floor building and to run cables till my apartment. But this is an other story..

Now I have my UB50 up and running and work Pacific in the morning is a beauty, yes not to much early morning.

We start competition again from scratch with Alberto to run for DXCC and Iota chasing, now I have 305 country and more then 500 Iota island on log., not bad in three years.

Now I really focus on DX and Dx Expedition, in near future I will have the opportunity to join one and we will see.............